About Us

We are Joey and Becca from the UK. We met in May 2014 at a wedding, decided we wanted to travel the world together 8 weeks later and 8 weeks after that we were on a plane to Buenos Aires. We spent 5 months in South America and 3 months in South Asia catching the travel bug. Nothing like 8 months travelling together to get to know one another!

At the city walls in Cartagena, Colombia

We vowed to go back as soon as we had paid off our mortgage and 4 years later we were lucky enough to achieve that and start saving for our next trip. We plan to travel India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, more of SE Asia down through Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan and wherever the wind may take us.


Becca – Hedgehogs, coffee and collecting pin badges

Joey – Alcohol, having the streets to ourselves and crisps


Becca – Ginger, people with wheelie suitcases and horror films

Joey – Strawberries, alarm clocks and general grooming

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